006PK Garlic Roasted Chicken copy

Most of us have chicken quite often! Well I must admit I love it fried yet hardly ever eat it that way. Another similar alternative is to bread it and bake it. You get the same desirable crunch. A similar texture to something like a Katsu even. Oh so delicious. Add the golden diced potatoes, haricot verts and the right sauce and bam! Better than going out! Here is a nice little video on just how simple this is! Enjoy!

The Video Build


Post Bruschetta


In and earlier post I shared some iPhone pics of the ‘pre bruschetta’ set up before making the video and media pice. Here are some of the final results. Love working with the food, products and staff over at Purveyors Kitchen. This particular bruschetta appetizer is made with the Purveyors Kitchen Walnut Tapenade. Delicious!!!!!!! Check out the new store (footage to come) in Nevada City!

Enjoy the video!

Bruschetta Lens and Food Piece from Motivated Light on Vimeo.

Old Faithful ….Meatloaf!


Meatloaf goes back a long way! A very long way in time and demographics. Popular in World War II, the Great Depression, hard times and anytime, meatloaf is staple dish for many families all over the world. Making the meat go a long way, there are many variations. I don’t remember the last time I actually saw it on a restaurant menu. My wife loves to cook it with cheese on top or we buy it from the nicer grocery stores in the area and usually make sandwiches from it. My mom made it almost weekly growing up. I can’t say I ever crave it. But I can say it’s one of those foods that I just plain eat. Adding Bacon and Blue Cheese like in the video below did make for an interesting switch up!

Meatloaf Food and Lens from Motivated Light on Vimeo.

 Wedding Cake Diving!

Throw back to the old wedding photography days! I almost fell getting this angle. Wonder if the cake would have saved me!  The cake was often the most beautiful thing at a wedding! Miss the food for sure!